A Mother-Daughter team originally from Ottawa, Ontario – now Victoria, British Columbia – we are designers, photographers, speakers, overall educators… and cat lovers. We are big dreamers, and excited to create a positive and healthy planet through our eco-conscious brand.
 We are passionate to continue creating beautiful spaces and sharing our knowledge (40 years combined) of the design industry. Instead of keeping the secrets to ourselves, we are determined to share the wealth of knowledge… helping other designers (and professionals!) modernize their own brands and get out of the slump of a 9 to 5 job selling toxic furniture, finding your business is stuck in a vicious cycle, or working for a corporate design firm that forces you to push out design after design. 
Sound like you? If yes, then we totally understand, because we’ve done all of that, too.
 Join us on our journey to live a healthier life that YOU want.

Learn from our mistakes as we share with you how to create (or grow) your own brand, without making compromises. Get out from the overwhelm and desperation. Find your ideal clients. Get paid more. Support brands and products that you LOVE to sell.


Guiding the Interior Design Industry into a modern direction by demonstrating up-to-date sales techniques you can easily learn (for online and in person). Host Jennifer Rapkins goes through a variety of things such as: understanding your businesses needs, personal limiting beliefs, customer service skills (through real examples), discovering “green myths”, industry standards (the construction world!), and most importantly… adapting ourselves to new and everyday learning curves. 

Dot Eco Secrets: the ever growing Eco-Conscious podcast... shows you exactly how to Feel Good About your Brand and all without Wasting Time And Money on common mistakes.

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We want to share with you our 10 secrets to having a successful design business, without it costing an arm and a leg or having to “know it all”!  Learn from our mistakes!

WHO ARE THESE LADIES, ANYWAY? Katherine and Jennifer are a mother-daughter design team from Ottawa, Ontario. A business built 6 years ago from their own environmental and physical illness, these ladies have worked hard over the years to create healthier homes for their clients. The mission: sourcing sustainable, good quality products and reducing their carbon footprint. With this came a craving of other designers wanting to learn more about having an eco-conscious brand…”The Karma Designers”! 

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