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Nested Green Team

Katherine & Jennifer

The Company

Our Goals

“Helping you integrate your pursuit of health and well-being into your living spaces. Our passion is in creating functional, beautiful and restorative spaces for the mind, body and spirit.”

We bring with us the professionalism that is offered by the big named companies, but with the personal touch only Nested Green Inc. can offer. We are true to ourselves as we radiate positivity in people, which is the reason why our clients have chosen us to design for them. We want you to feel comfortable to work with us, and feel ultimately satisfied when we’re finished. Have a problem? Let us know! We’re always looking for ways to improve, and strengthening our relationship with YOU the homeowner.

Our Name

Nested is a design term in the software industry that “maintains form factor and software continuity to allow customers to easily upgrade their products with each new generation of u-blox global positioning or wireless modules.”

(U-blox Nested Design) To simplify this, it is a term that simply comes from the inside or the ‘heart’ of the computer. Nested Green refers to a tranquil name, to give readers a feeling of ease and relaxation. A common theme in our business is a Nested home, as a nest is where the bird makes its home, we carry this through-out our business in Facebook or blog posts with things like: #nestedoffice or #sustainednest #nestedcuisine and other ‘nest’ relating terms to relate it back to home. Green is represented as an obvious affiliation to eco-friendly or other ‘being green’ type terms.

Our Logo

The logo design is of a bird, the circle around it representing the nest. The wings themselves represent Ying and Yang to show the holistic approach of taking energy and fung shui into the flow of the house and how you use your space. The design is centered on itself so everything is symmetrical and oriented. The texture applied gives it a fabricated look to look like a textile to reflect the ‘cozy’ feeling.

The Team


Katherine Somerville

Principal Designer

I am a mother, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a designer ... a dreamer. I always knew that I would spend my life building things. I have always had a desire to promote environmental technologies and ideas, such as solar power. I want to keep my life simple and uncomplicated but still full of beauty and conveniences. I have a passion for restful, easy to maintain, living spaces. I practice and promote mindfulness, healthy eating and exercise, especially Yoga. I search out restorative spaces to rejuvenate myself... so I can be at my best for others. I am passionate about living in detoxified living spaces to avoid health issues that negative energy and environmental chemicals can cause. I want functional and flexible spaces in my home to accommodate the varying types of activities my family partake in and make the best use of the space we have. I believe in quality over quantity... and I will wait to make a purchase if need be... makes it all the more special. I have pursued a variety of design disciplines in my career for the exact purpose of being a business owner. I endeavour to be non-judgemental of others and how they choose to live (or what life has chosen for them). I only wish to promote a healthier lifestyle because I know what a positive difference it has made to my life... and what a healthier planet we could have in the future. I believe in the mind - body - soul connection.

Jennifer Rapkins Bonner

Business Manager and Administrator

Although I am young, I have a lot of experience and have had the pleasure to work for some really amazing people in the past. I am a proud entrepreneur, and new into the world of design. Though I play a great assistant, I am the administrator, project co-ordinator and provide all necessary paper work details because of my attention to detail. I am always learning (as we never do stop!) and love to educate myself to better my business or skill. I have a lot of varied construction experience; though I am more products specialized and enjoy learning different company’s technical specs to help my clients. I enjoy talking to customers and helping them the best I can. I am a Capricorn (through and through). I love to decorate, draw, write stories, paint, photography, and sew. I am addicted to Facebook and viral videos on Youtube. I have been doing my best to adapt myself into the world of organic foods, healthy lifestyle and over-all enjoying a more fulfilled life (though with my junk food loving husband it makes it awfully difficult sometimes!). I love doing renovations and enjoy challenging tasks. I live with my husband David and our 2 cats, Gandalf and Ser Pounce.

Gandalf the Grey


A natural mama’s boy, this short haired grey tabby cat often doesn’t let anyone pass by him! He loves to hang out on desks and counters, always getting a good view of what the humans are doing and insists on being the center of attention. Gandalf enjoys biting knees to get attention, chasing kale (it’s quite a sight to see), string and bells. His hobbies also include sitting at the bar stool like a human and occasionally chewing carpet at closed doors. He’s a bit of a bully to his younger brother, pulling alpha male, and a giant brat… but he is very friendly and his natural charm can’t be resisted…he can be very dramatic.

Ser Pounce


This little fluff-ball is a little lighter than his counter-part brother, but allows him to be very nimble. Ser Pounce gets his name from Game of Thrones (Tommen’s cat). He is extremely adventurous and unlike his brother, ready to dive into anything without much thought. It gets him into a little danger sometimes (always planning his escape), but he is spoiled to the luxuries of being an indoor cat. He absolutely loves sleeping in the sun, playing with beer bottle caps and receipts. Ser Pounce loves cuddles and playing with his dad. Loves meeting new people and his very long soft fur is a huge hit with the ladies with his cute ‘kitten’ features.