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Residential Renovations &
New Builds

With 25 years in the industry, Katherine has spent a lot of her time designing and building a variety of homes! Everything from luxury condos in California to heritage homes in the small towns of Ottawa, our combined experience in the construction industry gives us an edge on building with efficiency and practicality… the aesthetic is a bonus! Most importantly, we think about the planet the whole way.

We’re more than just decorators. 

We focus energy on new home builds and large retrofit renovations: from concept to construction, we build custom for you and your dreams… leave the cookie-cutter designs for the mass builders. 

When you work with us, we review spacial planning, floor plans, elevation and technical drawings, and even 3D renderings to make it crazy easy to visualize what’s being constructed. Our plans consider your equity in your home, whether you are selling or this is your forever home, we ensure you invest just the right amount into your project to ensure you’re getting 90 – 100% return on your investment and not spending unnecessarily… unless you want to!

Did you know? We also work with mobility and special needs! Consider our one hour consultation to discover what can be done to make life a little easier, or ask about it in your consultation to go over how we can help you plan for your future

Decorating services: This is included in our full renovation packages only. If you just need help selecting finishes, you are welcome to purchase time with consultations. We will work with you to help make the most of your consultations. We create balance in the space by blending family tastes, and merging existing with new product appropriately. 


Commercial Spaces

Does your business and brand have an environmental flare? If that’s an absolute “Yes!” then we definitely want to work with you. Bringing in natural elements, and working with other Canadian businesses to make the most of your commercial space. We step in your client’s shoes to make the most of how they will experience your business, while also respecting your budget. 

So what kind of work have we done? Katherine’s experience in the commercial industry varies from restaurants, a LOT of office spaces (meeting rooms, lobbies, reception, executive spaces and staff kitchens) all the way to apartment buildings, public spaces, factory layouts (Deslauriers), bid proposals for builder’s kitchens and senior living homes.

With Nested Green, we are most excited about our more recent project with the Barrhaven Natural Food Pantry and the role we had with them. We’ve also done a juice bar in Kingston! We enjoy working with companies that are authentic in their brand… if they support environmental and local, their business aesthetic should represent that as well! 

What should you expect from us? Everything from architectural drawings (if needed), conceptual drawings, 3D renderings, and detail millwork drawings for any of your specialty pieces (ie: shelving). Creating unique elements like agriculture touches, and other on-brand “personal” touches. Finish selecting and assisting in project coordination to keep your project on time.

Katherine is our principal designer. She’s the one that will be on site, answer structural questions, do the shopping and work with you and contractors directly. 

Jennifer is our behind the scenes expert over in Victoria BC. She’ll be the one sending you your invoices, handle certain project management aspects including technical product information, and assisting with product research.

Together they accomplish a lot towards your project! With Katherine’s innovative, artistic vision, and Jennifer’s “get ‘er done!” mentality, they are ambitious and work hard to create a peace of mind experience.

Getting Started
This is an essential getting-to-know-you phase! We ask the hard questions to determine what's a need and want to help benefit your lifestyle and family function.
We do our best to provide a low-med-high option for you to consider… it also helps us see where you value certain aspects of the project.
Project Managing
As your advocates, we try to handle as much of the project management as possible. Renovations can be an extenuating process, let the professionals handle it for you!
Clear Pricing
We are very transparent about our costs because we want you to trust this process with us. Even better? You get to take advantage of all our incentives!

How Much Should I Be Setting Aside For You?

Interior Design is considered a luxury service, but it doesn’t mean it has to cost your first born child. We believe our rates to be fair, and we always consider your project’s individual needs. Our design services can be a-la-carte as necessary: Consultations, conceptual drawings, all the way to full construction and completion.

To ensure we can provide the best possible service to you and to all of our clients, we only take on 2 major projects per year. If you have a smaller project (minor renovation or general decorating) we will evaluate our schedules. We hate saying no, but we also want to ensure everyone is getting the same level of treatment on their project.

Our rates vary according to the level of need per project. If you’re looking for a rough estimate of how much our services may cost you, we are approximately 15% of your project budget

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WHO ARE THESE LADIES, ANYWAY? Katherine and Jennifer are a mother-daughter design team from Ottawa, Ontario. A business built 6 years ago from their own environmental and physical illness, these ladies have worked hard over the years to create healthier homes for their clients. The mission: sourcing sustainable, good quality products and reducing their carbon footprint. With this came a craving of other designers wanting to learn more about having an eco-conscious brand…”The Karma Designers”!