Designs From the Mat … Finding Creativity in all the Right Places

Yoga Posture

My mat of choice, at one time not long ago, was in a dojo for martial arts. Despite the joy of punching, kicking and throwing others to the ground… and reciprocated… that practice didn’t allow for contemplative time not to mention the unexplained bruising.  Time and space that I use for planning spaces ended up being in bed at night when I should otherwise be sleeping soundly… not possible when working out spacial challenges and clients’ expectations. Fortuitously, an injury to my foot led me away from the combat arts.  The kinder, gentler me has taken to the yoga mat and found peace and a better time and place to be creative.

Besides reducing blood pressure, improving sleep or relieving body pain, mindfulness helps creativity.  Meditation quiets the mind and allows the brain more room for creative thought.  Everyone is creative, not just artist, writers or musicians.  We all carry out tasks in our daily lives that require us to think creatively to solve, improve, nurture or manage.  Finding a connection to your creative self is not always as simple as bruised toes.  Your journey will differ from anyone else.  There are studies to verify the positive aspects of all sides of the creative spectrum.  Find and nurture what works best for you.

Everyone’s creative process differs.  Even my own depending on what challenge I’m working on such as writing.  I prefer a busy coffee shop and a deadline to achieve my best work.  Then when I’m on the computer laying out spaces or drawing plans with AutoCAD, I want quiet, no distractions. Doing math… Do not disturb.

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” ~ Albert Einstein

Silence your inner critic. Talk your ideas over with someone who will listen but not be unkind to your thoughts.  Be creative with your love. Share it often.

I’m done writing… out of coffee … back to the yoga mat. I’ve got a new smoothie bar that needs some creative attention!!


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