Jennifer & Kelvin

November 13, 2020

Got Married!

If you were able to join our intimate gathering, thank you!
If you were not, you were in our thoughts!

The Engagement

Kelvin proposed to Jennifer while traveling across Canada. While they were in Banff, Kelvin popped the big question at the top of a mountain during a long hike!
< -- Fun Fact: This photo was taken moments after the proposal
(we're so classy.)

The Wedding

We had a beautiful day! Please feel free to view our wedding gallery! If you'd like to order prints, let me know which images, as I can get preferred rates..
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I think back on the years we shared. All the times you stood be me. All the pain you wiped away. All the things you ever said. I think back how you carried me, and you never once have doubted me. And you were my my hero through it all.
" You Always Believed" - In This Moment

So what's happening?

Before the Ceremony

Jennifer and Kelvin enjoyed bailey’s coffee in their very spacious AirBnb venue with their family. From there, they quietly got ready while others started to join them. They did some before-look photos before the ceremony in order to take advantage of the lighting in November in Victoria. 

They returned to hop right into their ceremony!

Pagan Ceremony

We had a very unique Viking-Pagan Inspired ceremony. Filled with a casting circle with a dagger, and hand-fasting ceremony. It perfectly integrated our spiritual beliefs through this unique gathering.

The Party

Right after the ceremony we got to dive into the food and drinks!

It was a quiet night as we only had a small gathering, and wanted to respect local bylaws. We did have a few people spend the night as there were lots of rooms! We enjoyed fresh scones and coffee in the morning before heading out! 

The Details...


If you’re not from the area, or you want to see our best recommendations of things to do while you’re in the area, click on the button below to get our guide!

Gift Registry

While gifts aren’t mandatory by any means, or expected, we are extremely grateful that you are thinking of us! 

Click below to see what items we could really use at home, or help us go on a honeymoon!

Covid Stuff

We want to ensure that you feel safe at our celebration. We’ll have a sanitation station, at the entrance and over by the food. 

You are welcome to wear a mask if you feel comfortable doing so, though we’re not asking folks to do so.

Location & Venue

You are welcome to arrive for 2:45 pm

495 Viaduct Ave West
Victoria BC

Parking available in driveway. If you’re google-ing the address, make sure to specify “west” or it may take you to an alternate address!
Look for the balloons on the street!

Please no smoking on the property.

we're married...!!!
Thank you for sharing this wonderful day with us!!


Thank you for checking out our wedding!!