Healthy Home.
Healthy Planet.

We invite you to join our pursuit of a healthier planet. We believe in comfort and practical spaces all while still looking fabulous. You can have a magazine kitchen space, but have it fit your lifestyle, functionality, budget and flow… so you feel comfortable in that space. 
Ask questions, and stay informed about the products in your home.

Whether you’re a curious client, or a fellow designer, we welcome you to our little nest!

Our Mission: 

We want people to feel good in their own space. We don’t want it to just look good, we want it to feel good. We work in an industry where so many products offer environmental features but will often hide behind the truth of the products origins. We research to find out more about the product for its footprint, but also: where it was made, how it was made, and by who. 

We care about these things, and we care about it for you, too. We support products and companies that are local (either city/family based, or at least genuinely Canadian), and anything outsourced are products that we feel comfortable attaching our names to. 

Break out of just being ‘eco’ by being MORE than that.

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All of our Nested Green kitchen’s are fashioned with our own custom designed and manufactured “Karma Cabinets”! We work with local carpenters to create a kitchen suited for your lifestyle.

No melamine.
Low/No VOC’s.
High quality construction.

Any questions regarding our Karma Cabinets can be directed here, where we will connect our lead carpenter and designer with you to discuss any questions you have about the product line. 

We LOVE working with local fabricators to create perfectly unique and customized furniture for our clients! Everyone has different ratings of preference and needs… heck, if you’re a vegan, we know how to help you! Our fabrics are organic materials (cotton, linen) and use organic latex foams, wool or kapok fillers. 

Organic materials.
Vegan-friendly available.
Locally made or fair-trade.
High quality construction.

We’d be happy to show you our portfolio of pieces built, and would love to make your visions come to light! Make an appointment with us here, to get started and chatting about your furniture needs.

Our Karma Designers community is for those interested in becoming an eco-conscious brand (you don’t have to be an interior designer!). We offer support in using modern-day marketing strategies for your business and brand.

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dot ECO Secrets

How to change the world with your eco-conscious brand

Pre-Order our book, as we feature our best kept secrets in having a successful eco-conscious brand and business! On top of understanding your brand on the whole, we show you how to:

 – Attract the right type of clients
– Create value in what you create, and how to package it.
– Grasping the ever-changing technology needs, even if technology scares you!
– Shop and source with an eco mindset.
– How to manage your clients, and make the most efficiency of your time

…And more! By pre-ordering now, you’ll get early snippets of the book in progress, have a say in what is final in the book (get the information you want from us!), and other fun bonuses!

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We want to share with you our 10 secrets to having a successful design business, without it costing an arm and a leg or having to “know it all”!  Learn from our mistakes!

WHO ARE THESE LADIES, ANYWAY? Katherine and Jennifer are a mother-daughter design team from Ottawa, Ontario. A business built 6 years ago from their own environmental and physical illness, these ladies have worked hard over the years to create healthier homes for their clients. The mission: sourcing sustainable, good quality products and reducing their carbon footprint. With this came a craving of other designers wanting to learn more about having an eco-conscious brand…”The Karma Designers”!